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About Adhitya Ayurveda
Your Centre for Healing
About Us
Begin your transformative and restorative journey at Adhitya Ayurveda. We are dedicated to providing you with a completely personalised and immersive healing experience that is best suited to your individual needs.

By combining the ancient science of Ayurveda with traditional Sri Lankan medicine of Hela Wedakama, we offer a truly unique and effective treatment programme that will rebalance and rejuvenate mind and body.
Our Concept
Adhitya means ‘the rising sun’ (නැගෙන හිරු) in Sinhalese. Our concept of healing and wellness is deeply rooted in our belief that one must holistically nurture their mind, body and soul in order to truly be in harmony. In order to achieve complete harmony, while respecting that each individual is unique, our masters of wellness curated programmes and experiences based solely on your requirements.
We focus on improving your mental and physical wellbeing, a holistic treatment.
All our treatments are customised and provided by Ayurvedic physicians that have a legacy of ayurvedic knowledge, otherwise known as 'පාරම්පරික වෙද' (Paaramparika Wedha) in Sinhala.
We combine the healing benefits and uses of Ayurveda and Helawedakama to provide medical treatments.
Our Story
Adhtiya Ayurveda was conceptualised by Gunawardhana Ayurveda Holdings (Pvt) Ltd with the goal of sharing the healing powers of Ayurveda and Hela Wedakama with the world.

Our doctors bring more than 40 years of experience to the table. Fuelled by passion and the knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic medicinal treatments that focus on nurturing your mind, body and soul, our doctors work in tandem with our own state of the art research laboratory to conduct research and development activities and a manufacturing facility to produce high quality medicine we use at our treatment centre.
Our Treatments
We strive to bring balance to your mind and body by adopting a holistic approach which combines medical treatments with wellness practices. Our various Ayurvedic treatments utilise the healing properties of natural ingredients. Here are some of the treatments carried out at Adhitya Ayurveda.
Sarvanga Abhyanga
This a relaxing 40-minute treatment where a specially made medicated oil is massaged onto your head, face and full body.
To heal specified areas in your body, pastes prepared from the powders of natural herbs are applied onto the affected area during the Pattu treatment.
Swedana Karma
This is a sweat inducing treatment that aims to release the toxins from your body. For this treatment, hot liquids such as Kvatha, Taila, and Grita are poured over your body from a specific height.
Nasya Karma
This treatment is carried out if there is an imbalanced dosha in the head and neck region. To treat this, we administer a medicated oil or herbal extract through the nose to immediately eliminate this vitiated dosha.
For this treatment, a special medicated paste is applied on the head and then covered with a plantain or lotus leaf. This paste is made by grinding various herbs and spices and mixed with fresh milk or buttermilk.