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Explore Sigiriya
Explore the Palace in the Sky
Protruding from a vast area of jungle and history, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress draws travellers from around the world. Located in the Central Province, in Sigiriya, a quaint little town, the fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the iconic Cultural Triangle. Explore the ancient kingdom as you climb the summit of this stunning rock fortress, taking in the unhindered views and learning about its illustrious past of a patricidal King and his fight for the throne.
Places to Visit in Sigiriya
The Mirror Wall
The Gardens
Sigiriya Museum
The Lion’s Paws
Pidurangala Rock
Key Information
Before you visit the historic site of Sigiriya Rock Fortress and its stunning surroundings, here’s some useful information to help prepare you for the tour.
Sigiriya is approximately one hour and 30 minutes away from Adhitya, roughly 71 km.
You can travel to Sigiriya via private vehicle, bus, train or a tuk-tuk. If you require transport to be arranged to and from our hotel, please get in touch with our team.
Sigiriya is best visited in the morning or late afternoon hours, as during the day, the sun can be quite harsh, and it’ll be too hot to climb up the rock fortress.
Climb up Pidurangala Rock for a stunning view of the Sigiriya Rock.