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Niroga Package
Wellness Rituals
Niroga Package
Ādhitya Ayurveda offers general wellness treatments based on Ayurvedic principles for guests looking to relieve prolonged stress and fatigue or seeking physical and mental rejuvenation from any combination of minor physical ailments.

Our doctors start with a consultation and initial diagnosis, before determining the best course of treatment. The treatments are offered in a variety of durations and guests are given the opportunity to visit some of the popular attractions nearby, with the consent of their doctors who will monitor the progress of their overall health.
Package Details
Starting - 145 Euro
Initial Ayurveda consultation with a physician, subsequent consultations and all prescribed Ayurveda medicines will be provided.
Minimum duration  -  3 nights
Other inclusions  -  skin and beauty treatment (on request)
Yoga  -  daily sessions
Meditation  -  daily sessions
Package Includes
Each package will be customized based on the individual’s needs. At Adhitya, we offer a holistic treatment plan to address your needs.
Consultation and diagnosis
Full board accommodation
Yoga and meditation
Ayurvedic diet & treatments
Daily examination
Recommended Treatments
Daily Ayurveda treatments prescribed by the doctor according to the patient’s health condition (two treatments per day)
Sarvanga Abyanga (Full body massage)
Shiro Dhara (Pouring liquid on the forehead)
Avagaha (Herbal bath)
Sarvanga Dara (Oil pouring)
Pottali Sweda (Fomenting by bolus preparation) etc.
phases of the treatment plan
Initial Consultation
Preparation & start of treatment plan
Make adjustments if required, based on the patient
Follow the treatment plan and routine recommended during the stay
Final consultation
Provide a holistic lifestyle guide to follow post-treatment
Suitable For
Stress condition
Body tightness with pain
Maintain youthfulness
Eliminate vitiated doshas (detoxify the body)
Types of inflammatory conditions
Improve appearance
Avoid NCD’s like hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus
Low energy
Sleeping disorders
Rejuvnation (rasayana)
Aphrodisiacs (vajikarana)
Not Suitable For
Severe diseases
Infants and elderly
Allergy to ayurvedic medicines and drugs
More Details
All our treatments are planned after the medical consultation and diagnosis.
Full Board Accommodation including morning tea or juices (Doctor will suggest the diet plan considering the condition of the patient)
Initial Ayurveda consultation with a physician, subsequent consultations and all prescribed Ayurveda medicines
Daily yoga & meditation sessions practicing Kriya yoga and Pranayama (Mindful breathing exercises)
Skin & beauty treatment (On request)
Discussion on healthy diet and Ayurvedic principles