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Ayurveda Treatments for Dermatological Diseases
Ayurveda Treatments
Dermatological Diseases
In Ayurveda, dermatological diseases are mentioned as Kushta Roga in Ayurveda Samhitas. While a healthy, balanced diet can cure and manage a number of skin diseases, ayurvedic treatments for dermatological diseases can help get rid of any existing conditions like Kitibha (Psoriasis), Shwithra (Leukoderma/ Vitiligo), Vicharhika (Eczema), Kilasa (Keloids), Skin Rashes etc.

At Adhitya Ayurveda, a doctor will examine your skin before prescribing the necessary treatment plan.
Package Details
Starting - 155 Euro
After a consultation and diagnosis by Dr S. S. Gunawardhana, a recommended treatment plan for dermatological diseases will be provided. Adhitya provides daily medical examinations.
Minimum duration  -  7 nights
Yoga  -  included
Meditation  -  included
Package Includes
Each package will be customized based on the individual’s needs. At Adhitya, we offer a holistic treatment plan to combat diseases and illnesses.
Consultation and diagnosis
Full board accommodation
Ayurvedic diet
Ayurvedic treatments
Daily examination
Recommended Treatments
This includes some of the below treatments every morning and evening and may vary depending on the condition of the patient (Only two treatments per day).
Virechana (Purgation)
Avagaha (Herbal bath)
Pattu (Herbal paste applying)
Parisheka (Decoction pouring)
Rakta Mokshana (Bloodletting)
Leach Therapy
Abyanga (Massage)
Pichu (Placing soaked linen)
Takra Dhara (Medicated butter milk pouring)
phases of the treatment plan
Initial Consultation
Preparation & start of treatment plan
Make adjustments if required, based on the patient
Follow the treatment plan and routine recommended during the stay
Final consultation
Provide a holistic lifestyle guide to follow post-treatment
Itching, scaling skin
Skin discolouration, dryness or oozing
Skin allergies
Haemorrhagic blood pressure (Raktapitta)
Leukoderma/ vitiligo (Svithra)
Burning skin condition
Eczema (Eczema Vicharchika)
Psoriasis (Kitibha)
Vericose ulcers
Alopecia (Indralupta)
Callus and cone
Elderly people and infants
Acute severe diseases
Pregnant women
Allergy to ayurvedic medicines and drugs
More Details
All our treatments are planned after the medical consultation and diagnosis.
Initial Consultation by Dr.S.S.Gunawardhana.
Full board accommodation (Doctor will suggest the diet plan considering the condition of the patient)
Every participant will receive regular information about their daily schedule
Yoga & Meditation
Common dermatological diseases caused by anxiety, somatic stress and discomfort can be reduced by practicing yoga, as it helps to calm the nervous system. While meditation Increases self-awareness.