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Adhitya Herbal Estate and ‘Wedha-Gama’
Visit our organic farm
Adhitya Herbal Estate and ‘Wedha-Gama’
Adhitya Herbal Estate and ‘Wedha-Gama’ is an organic farm that nurtures and grows medicinal plants and fresh vegetables. Providing guests with a ‘traditional ayurvedic village’ experience to really emphasise on that true ‘traditional ayurvedic healing’.

The organic farm provides us with raw materials and ingredients needed to prepare our ayurvedic treatments and cuisine made by Adhitya Ayurveda for our guests. The organic farm is located 20 minutes from our property, in the countryside of Oyamaduwa. A visit to the farm is highly recommended for guests to learn how and where their produce comes from.
Things to do in the Organic Farm
Meet the “Weda Mahattaya” (chief medical personnel) at weda gedara
Experience a traditional village setting, visit the organic farm & Osu Uyana & pick fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Live cooking demonstration on ‘How to Cook Healthy Food’, taught by local cooking experts.
Enjoy Lunch in Weda Gedara.
Partake in a mindful discussion with the Wedha Mahattaya (on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Sri Lankan traditional medicine practices, Ceylonese herbs etc.)
Key Information
As you plan to explore the organic farm where we source our key ingredients from, here’s some useful information to know.
The organic farm is approximately 20 minutes from Adhitya, roughly 25 km.
You can travel to here via private vehicle or a tuk-tuk. If you require transport to be arranged to and from our hotel, please get in touch with our team.
The organic farm is best visited in the early morning hours or late afternoon hours.