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Ayurveda Treatments for Cardiac Diseases
Ayurveda Treatments
Cardiac Diseases
The expert consultants at Adhitya Ayurveda can diagnose cardiac diseases with their skills in Nadi Vignana. Nadi vignana (Science of pulse) is one of the best traditional methods to find the vitiated doshas in the body. Our doctors provide medical consultations and provide the necessary treatments for cardiac diseases.In Ayurveda Samhitas, there are five types of Hruda Roga (cardiac diseases) that have been specified; Vataja (correlated with angina), Pittaja (correlated with MI), Kapahaja (correlated with congenital heart disease and valve defects), Sannipataja & Krimija ( correlated with carditis).
Package Details
Starting - 170 Euro
After a consultation and diagnosis by Dr S. S. Gunawardhana, a recommended treatment plan will be provided to you. During the course of the treatment, daily medical examinations will be conducted to monitor the progress.
Minimum duration  -  7 nights
Yoga  -  included
Meditation  -  included
Pacakage Includes
We offer a holistic treatment plan to combat diseases and illnesses. While each package will vary depending on each individual’s needs, our package includes:
Consultation and diagnosis
Full board accommodation
Yoga and meditation
Ayurvedic diet & treatments
Daily examination
Recommended Treatments
The necessary Аyurvedic procedures and therapies are prescribed by the doctors after the evaluation. This includes some of the below treatments every morning and evening and may vary depending on the condition of the patient (Only two treatments per day)
Sarvanga Abyanga (Full body massage)
Hrud Abyanga (Oil application on chest)
Hrud Pattu (Herbal paste application)
Shiro Dhara (Pouring liquid on the forehead)
Thalapodichil (Applying herbal paste over the head and covering with herbal leaves)
Vasti (Oil/Decoction Enema)
Parisheka (Decoction Pouring)
phases of the treatment plan
Initial Consultation
Preparation & start of treatment plan
Make adjustments if required, based on the patient
Follow the treatment plan and routine recommended during the stay
Final consultation
Provide a holistic lifestyle guide to follow post-treatment
Coronary artery disease
Congenital heart disease
Heart valve disease
Heart failure
Obesity (Athisthaulya)
Heavy smokers and drinkers
Chest pain and tightening
Chronic fatigue, weakness with swollen limbs
Fast or slow heartbeat with palpitations
Family history of heart diseases
Accute kidney failure
Elderly age over 90
Pregnant women
Allergy to Ayurvedic medicines and drugs
More Details
All our treatments are planned after the medical consultation and diagnosis.
Medical consultation and diagnosis
Аyurvedic procedures and therapies prescribed by the doctors.
Full board accommodation including morning tea or juices (Doctor will suggest the diet plan considering the condition of the patient)
Every participant will receive regular information about their daily schedule
Detailed report by the doctor at the end of the treatment period
Yoga & Meditation
Yoga helps to improve heart health by increasing circulation and blood flow. In addition, practising yoga can help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. It can also help with maintaining a healthy heart rate which can all add up to a lower risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. Meditation will help you build skills to manage your stress.