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Adhitya Ayurveda Colombo
Indulge in Unmatched Luxury and Wellness in the Heart of the Capital City
Adhitya Ayurveda Colombo
Welcome to Adhitya Ayurveda Colombo, the epitome of opulence to Immerse yourself in the world of unseen luxury Ayurveda where ancient wisdom meets modern elegance. Nestled in the heart of the capital city, our ultra-luxury Ayurvedic treatment center is dedicated to providing you with an oasis of rejuvenation accompanied with authentic Ayurvedic treatments to unlock your full potential of well-being. Every detail of the center is carefully crafted to transport you to a realm of pure bliss while you indulge in a mindful healing journey.
Authentic Ayurveda & Indigenous Treatments
Experience the authenticity of Ayurveda and Hela Wedakama (Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine) with our wide range of personalized treatments. Our specialized Ayurvedic doctors and skilled therapists combine ancient techniques with modern practices, ensuring a transformative journey for your mind, body, and spirit. From soothing massages to invigorating herbal therapies, each treatment is tailor made to meet your individual healthcare needs while immersing yourself in an uneven transformative journey.
OPD Services
Adhitya Ayurveda luxury treatment center is proud to house experienced Ayurvedic consultant doctors who offer comprehensive OPD services. Following detailed consultation sessions, our expert consultants will craft custom treatment routines ideal to fit your specific health and wellness requirements, guiding you on the path to optimal health and wellbeing.
Wisdom Programs
Combined with immersive experiences, workshops, lifestyle guidance, practical sessions and interactive sessions, our range of awareness programs may give you a comprehensive understanding about Ayurveda and the ways to apply its principles to all aspects of your lifestyle while allowing you to delve deeper into the realm of ancient Ayurvedic healing. The series of awareness programs at Adhitya Ayurveda Colombo led by esteemed experts, are designed to ignite your wisdom about Ayurveda & Sri Lankan traditional healing practices.
Healthy Cuisine
Believing in ‘healthy food is the key to nourishment and vitality’, we offer you an assortment of healthy and delectable dishes at our Healthy Food Corner. Crafted with care by our talented chefs, our dishes promote vitality and balance, tantalizing your taste buds with each bite. Step into our healthy food corner and experience the delight in our exquisite culinary offerings, meticulously prepared to enhance your well-being. Importantly, all the ingredients used to prepare the food items are freshly sourced from internationally certified organic farms and gardens to bring you the pure essence of natural flavors.
Yoga & Meditation
Awaken your harmony and inner peace as you embark on a journey of self-discovery through our mindful yoga and meditation sessions led by spiritual yoga instructors. From yoga and meditation to lifestyle guidance will guide you in cultivating mindfulness, inner peace and overall well-being. Those seeking a self-care time are welcomed to our sanctuary of calm to unleash your inner potential. Let the gentle guidance of our experienced instructors lead you to a state of profound relaxation and inner harmony.
Sports Therapy
In line with mindful yoga and meditation, we offer transformative sports therapy sessions that combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern sports medicine techniques to support the fast recovery and optimal performance of athletes. Led by practitioners of sports therapy, each session that runs from initial consultation to lifestyle guidance, will provide you with the best of Ayurvedic treatments and care to rehabilitate your downtrodden sports career.
HELAYU Herbal Products Outlet
Take a piece of health and wellness on your way back home with our thoughtfully curated organic herbal products range offered at HELAYU Organic Herbal Products Outlet located in the center premises. The products are manufactured by Adhitya Herbal Products (Pvt) Ltd, a sister company of Adhitya Ayurveda.From herbal supplements, herbal tea and immunity boosting drinks to herbal cosmetic products, each product is carefully crafted to support your wellness journey and are manufactured at its best with highest quality, safety and effectiveness guaranteed by Adhitya Research and Medical laboratory.


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