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Sri Lanka’s Indigenous Medicine
An ancient tradition of healthcare
Hela Wedakama is an indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka formed from a series of prescriptions passed through generations over the last 3,000 years. Ancient kings were also prominent physicians and King Buddhadasa (398AD) was known to be one of the most influential physicians that used these ancient healing methods.
Ancient Practice
According to local legend, it is believed that King Ravana was the first to start the ancient practice of hela wedakama. It is believed, that he used panchangaya - flowers, fruit, leaves, bark and the root of trees in the healing ritual. There are numerous written texts like arka prakasha, kumara tantra and nadi vignana that have described the art of using hela wedakama to treat individuals.
Few types of parampara (Stemma)
Fracture healing (Kadumbindum)
Snake bites (Sarpavisha)
Burn wounds (Daum pilissum)
Cancer (Gedivana)
Anorectal (Arshas)
Eye treatments (Akshi)
Psychiatric disorders (Unmada)
Modern Concept
Adhitya Ayurveda follows stringent and hygienic measures when practising hela wedakama. We use sterilised material for bandaging different pattus and other herbal applications,
Preparation of herbal formulas according to modern guidelines.
Pulse reading and modern investigation methods to diagnose
Specialised routine to follow for medicines and treatments
Well trained staff for treatments and to take care of patients.
Wellness Principles
To promote a positive and holistic healing environment for our guests, Adhitya Ayurveda provides daily rituals and wellness principles to follow to reap the full benefits of hela wedakama.
Clean and hygienic environment to relax
Yoga and meditation
Healthy and organic food
Herbal Medicines
Adhitya Ayurveda uses mostly plant-based herbs and ingredients to make indigenous guli and kalaka. We use modern and hygienic medicine preparation methods, which are easier to use than the typical Ayurveda drugs.